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  • 12.24.2019

The New Face of Custom Flex Cable. Welcome to Paige Industrial.

Paige Industrial isn’t new--in fact, we’ve been around a while. But we’ve made some recent changes and upgrades to better serve you.
To live up to our vision of offering cutting-edge products, housing the industry’s most respected experts, and providing the customer service you deserve, we’re dedicated to growing and improving whenever and wherever you need us.
Paige engineers dedicated solutions of custom flexible cables, assemblies, and harnesses to solve an array of complex and unique problems. As an employee-owned company, every single member of our team is invested in your success. We want our custom design and application solutions to save time and eliminate expenses, so you can run a successful business and maximize profits.

Ready to see what our 25+ years in the industry can do for you? Take a look around our new, optimized site--made to go wherever you go.

Learn about who we are and why we do what we do, take a deeper dive into our range of innovative products and solutions, and even say hello--we’d love to hear from you and see how we can build your better tomorrow.

Stay tuned, because we’re bringing you more details and info in our new blog and social profiles. We’re giving you the latest; keeping you up to date on everything in the industrial industry. We’re dedicated to market innovation because we think it’s what sets us apart. Our approach of always putting our customers first makes us the industry’s choice for cable and custom solution distributor.
This new site puts you--the customer--first. We hope you enjoy.
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